Modern video trends that can enhance your company’s business.

Creating, shooting, editing and postproduction of all video materials in FULL HD and 4K resolution.

FLY Media video production creates promotional videos, seminars, events, video presentations and all that with the professional quality and quality technology.

Our service offers the complete process, whether or not you are a retail, medium or wholesale company or an individual, we can transform the ideas into adequate video, interesting and easily approachable, which will improve your business, because from 2017, the video has become a very important element in the success of companies.

Don’t allow your important moments to be forgotten. Hire our company to shoot it.

You are tired of amateurs who buy the equipment and do shooting, since they are inexperienced. It is a common practice that clients end up being dissatisfied after the shooting.  Sometimes the clients are deceived, since the cameraman doesn’t show up or doesn’t fulfill what is promised, and the client doesn’t get the expected quality. There is an overgrowing number of these examples. Everyone wants to do everything. Leave this task to professionals!

We offer you professional filming of all types of events and celebrations that your company organizes in Full HD or 4K resolution. When it comes to the companies, you should know that we are shooting celebrations, fair performances, corporate venues, goods and employees. We shoot on the territory of Belgrade (Serbia) and Worldwide.

Who are we and who works for us?

Fly media is a company which is created with the wish to offer to all interested people services for creating, professional shooting and montage. We hire the professionals with long experience in these areas. Experience and diversity of video projects that we have completed is what singles us out of the concurrence. We are not individuals that do the shooting and you can’t find us in the advertisements. We are professionals who respect the deal. We offer you quality and safety that others don’t offer, which is why we are better than concurrence.

Why would you choose us?

Experience. Quality. Safety. Equipment. Payment over the bank account. Contract. These six items are enough evidence about how serious our offer is and why you should choose us. You will not find us in the advertisment. We are a studio in the centre of Belgrade.

snimanje za firme
snimanje za firme
snimanje promotivnih filmova

Our equipment

Full HD and 4K equipment is a standard we use in our video production. High quality cameras shoot in the 4k film format, action cameras are used for special scenes and underwater shooting, they give the quality to video materials we create.

LED light, microphones and wireless microphonse, siders, gimbals and sets of camera lenses are just a part of the equipment we use during shooting. There is a possibility of shooting with Red Epic camera in 5k shoot resolution. Drons used for air-shooting are always there when we need them and in the Full HD, 4k, 5k resolution. Take a look at the equipment we use in production.

Editing of video materials is done owing to the powerful computers, so that we could fasten the process of montage as soon as possible, and in that way give to the client in the shortest period. By using the quality equipment for shooting and montage, we crossed the time barrier which is the only way to send the quality material as fast as possible.

Video materials we create are:

  • Corporate firm films
  • Promotional videos of the goods and services
  • TV and Web commercials
  • Event shooting
  • Creating of presentations
  • Features from the Fairs
  • Video for web sites
  • Shooting the makeup tutorials
  • Timelapse shooting
  • Music videos and live performances
  • Films about tourism
  • Wedding videos

New offer: Timelapse shooting of objects in the process of building.

Among our equipment, there is a special camera that can shoot from the same position, regardless of day, night, rain, snow or sun, continually in the period from two to four months. .

What kind of video type do you need?

Call us to discuss. Allow us to create imaginative minutes of your promotional video. ASK FOR OFFER.

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