Photo is worth 1000 words

Every serious company realized the importance of using the photography in promoting the job they are doing. Whether it is about the goods or service, the good photograph is worth 1000 words.

Our photographers professionally take photos of all types of corporate events, promotions, employees, studio photographing of people or goods. In one word – we create digital photographs that will enhance your business.

Whether it is about photographs for the need of using on web site, photographs of employees, photographs of goods for catalogue, calendar, flyers, presentations or your archive, we are there to capture these with our professional equipment in Belgrade (Serbia) or Worldwide.

fotografisanje hotela srbija

Why do you need professional photographer?

Considering that photographs are used for purpose of printing in different kinds of print materials, presentations or the Internet, the good photography leaves an important impression. To those who are looking at it, the photograph is telling the story about you – your business.  It depicts if you have invested effort to hire a quality photographer or not. Nobody wants to order from a client who has a shallow approach to work and who didn’t invest enough effort to be better than others. Wouldn’t you agree?

It is clear how a good photograph can have influence on someone to choose precisely your company, just for the field you are working with or to order the goods you are distributing.

profesionalan fotograf

What we are taking photos of:

  • companies ( corporate venues)
  • corporate events ( performances, seminars, fairs… )
  • employees (portrait or group photographs)
  • interior
  • celebrations
  • people in studio
  • goods in studio

Based on the area, we are taking photos for

  • website
  • catalogue, flyer, brochure or calendar
  • archive
  • presentations
  • billboards
  • hotels
  • food or other goods

fotografisanje firmi

fotografisanje dogadjaja

korporativno fotografisanje kompanijskih prostora

fotografisanje zaposlenih

Who should consider professional photographing?

Professional photography can be used by people or companies. To companies, these photographs can be used in promotional activities or for archive.

The equipment we are using:

We are using the professional Canon equipment. There are different sets of camera lences with large and small camera blend. Fixed and zoom lences, flashes, flash head, stative for camera and background.  All these are just a part of the equipment we use.

Price of taking photos:

Contact us and find out more about the discount on the regular price for what you need. Ask for the offer.