Aerial videos

Dron became an integral part of the promotion, commercials, music videos, shootings or weddings. We shoot in Full HD or 4k video quality at affordable prices.

FLY Media Aerial Services by Drone are available for legal and natural persons throughout the whole of Serbia and abroad.

Burning video from the air is done with the help of a camera that shoots in high, Full HD or 4K resolution, so the images we capture look very impressive on the big screens and leave a striking impression on anyone who looks at them. With our stability, our aircrafts (drones) make it impossible to further stabilize aerial cameras because they are extremely quiet and free of vibration, so that they can be used immediately after landing.

Why shooting from the air?

That’s why the images from the air are beautiful, unusual and look expensive. That’s exactly what separates others from the competition. Let it be something that will separate and improve your work, something you will be recognizable. If it’s a matter of joy, let it be recorded by the air people who will beautify your video.

Whether it’s a private celebration, shooting needs for promotional purposes, shooting for shootings or wedding photography, our craft is ready to achieve high goals, and our cameramen will, with their dedication and experience, make high goals come true.

We shoot from a height of up to 150m, which provides beautiful frames from an unprecedented perspective, which is impossible to shoot from the ground. We make your special moments stay memorable and unusual.

We are shooting:

  • promo videos and music videos;
  • companies (company spaces and buildings);
  • real estate and construction companies;
  • buildings (houses, buildings, villas and hotels);
  • for the needs of marketing agencies;
  • farms, vineyards, rafts and beaches;
  • for the needs of travel agencies;
  • the atmosphere from the concerts and similar manifestations-events;
  • for private purposes (weddings, weddings, birthdays) …

Advantages of aerial filming:

  • Recording from a height of up to 100m;
  • Unusual perspective and beautiful airframe;
  • The ability to record from inaccessible places;
  • A lot of quality material is recorded for a short time;
  • Wide use of video material (for promotional purposes);
  • Stable recordings from the height;
  • The record can be downloaded immediately after landing the aircraft;
  • Low cost of service in relation to other types of aerial recording.
  • 4k and Full HD crystal-clear video

The equipment we are filming

Following the trends for aerial recording, all our customers are able to offer top-quality quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter aircraft. Our aircraft are generally smaller in size, which gives us an additional opportunity that others can not realize, which is the ability to fly from small areas, the possibility of flying in the interior, shopping centers, warehouses, which is of great importance, because you do not need to hire additional expensive equipment for shooting needs, and the recordings themselves are of high quality 4K.

We offer: quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter aircraft. All aircraft have a high-quality stabilization so that the images are stable and do not need to be further stabilized. Cameras on the aircraft record in Full HD and 4K resolution. Detailed and sharper images are a guarantee of quality that we give to all clients.

dji phantom4 dron letelica

HD Video Preview

Our aircrafts are equipped with modern equipment that performs HD video playback material, which enables us to perform live air transmissions and direct them into the air. Our operators are equipped with tablets that display real-time HD image of the air. For companies that want live event downloads via YouTube, we have a solution for this, with the help of video link control application.

uzivo video prenos iz vazduha

Longer flight time

Unlike competitors, we can boast the length of flights of aircraft. Thanks to intelligent batteries equipped with our aircraft, we are able to carry out continuous 15-25 minutes of flight. With the amount of batteries we have, we can shoot for 2 hours on the ground, without a break for charging batteries. It is enough to replace the new battery every 15 minutes and the aircraft returns to the recording position.

baterije za drona

How much does a drone cost?

Call us and find out the prices for shooting from the aerial.