Unusual photographs that impress

Imagery from the air is a modern way to display a landscape or object when it is not possible to do it from the ground or when you want the photos to be completely different from other, contemporary, unusual, from another perspective.

Applying photos from the air

Photographing from the air is most often applied to: photographing company spaces, buildings, buildings under construction and after construction, houses, land, landscapes or for individual needs – taking pictures of the joy of the air (weddings, birthdays, parcels, orchards, salons, vineyards, ethno tourism …)

Also, air images are an inevitable detail that will beautify the brochure, website or presentation, and they will certainly make them stand out for the person who looks at them. Perhaps they will be something for which the others will remember you.

Equipment with which we take aerial photos

Our aircraft are equipped with modern cameras that can achieve a resolution of 12 to 20Mpix. We can boast that we are among the few in the market that can take photos from the air in a resolution of 20 Mpix.

The images made in this resolution of the prey have their details, and their size is sufficient to provide the ability to print large format. These photos can easily end up on a huge billboard, in a catalog, a photo album, or on the web.

phantom kamera

RAQ quality

Cameras that take photos from the air have the ability to take a photo in RAW format. For clients who demand high quality, this is a great opportunity for every detail of the photo to be controlled without any loss of quality that is visible in JPG compressed format. Photo compression is a past. It’s a crude reality!

Who is the unmanaged photography of dronos?

Photographing from the air is intended for legal and physical persons.

Legal persons most often photograph corporate premises, warehouses, hotels, buildings under construction and after construction.

Physical photographs of aerial photographs are used for the purpose of photographs of cottages, houses for rent, houses, etc.

With or without processing?

With its quality, air images that make aprats on our aircraft can be used without any additional processing. They are well balanced, sharp, big and ready to help in every type of promotion. And, if any processing is required, the RAW format of each photo will extract the quality that provides plenty of processing options.


The prices of photographing from the air depend on the amount of photos and the places where they are taken. Call us and find prices.